VitroSteril HELIOS UV-C system by Surfacide

UV-C mobile air and space disinfector that uses multiple robots simultaneously


Surfacide Helios Ultraviolet light disinfection system is the only patented solution for surface and air disinfection with UV-C rays that uses multiple robots simultaneously to quickly inactivate dangerous pathogens and reduce their spread.

Surfacide eradicates multidrug-resistant organisms including C.Difficile, MRSA, VRE, CRE, Coronavirus and Acinetobacter with 6 LOG or 99.9999%.

The system uses automatic laser mapping to measure the room, detect potential areas of contamination and determine the optimal time to complete the disinfection process.

Surfacide’s Helios UV-C System uses multiple emitters to disinfect non-porous surfaces up to a 2 meter radius of each emitter.

The disinfection cycle lasts 5 to 20 minutes and is performed in an unoccupied room.

Surfacide ensures the safety of patients, visitors and employees. If the security sensors, accelerometer and passive infrared, sense movement in the room, the disinfection cycle is paused.

The cycle information is stored on a web platform; this allows data control, validation and analysis immediately.


  • Disinfection mode: 3 UV-C emitters alone or in combination
  • Set It & Go technology allows you to obtain the result with a single cycle without the need for repositioning
  • Laser mapping of environments: automatically calculates the cycle time to ensure the delivery of an effective dose of energy
  • Surfacide’s Helios system limits the effects of shaded areas in a single disinfection cycle
  • Helios delivers 800 mJ/cm2 or 1500 mJ/cm2 to surfaces within direct line-of-sight up to a radius of 7 feet from each emitter, or an area of 153 square feet per emitter, 461 sq ft total coverage
  • Thanks to multiple robots, Surfacide is used at close range on all surfaces, with a faster (5-20 minutes) and more efficient disinfection cycle
  • 6 log sterilization
  • Safe disinfection thanks to safety sensors: accelerometer and passive infrared. When someone moves in front of the sensor, the disinfection cycle is paused
  • The cloud portal allows access to real-time analytical data to optimize and archive results, ensuring effective traceability

Technical Sheet


Modello Model



Tecnologia Technology




Installazione Installation





Energia Energy


Raggio/Area per emettitore Range/Area per emitter

VitroSteril Sistema HELIOS UV-C di Surfacide VitroSteril Helios UV-C system by Surfacide


Disinfettore di aria e superfici a 3 emettitori UV-C di Surfacide  Air and surface disinfector with 3 UV-C emitters by Surfacide


Solo per uso interno. Triplo emettitore. Sensori di sicurezza: accelerometro ed infrarossi passivi Only indoor use. Triple emitter approach. Safety sensors: accelerometer and passive infrared


800 mJ/cm2 o 1500 mJ/cm2


2.1336 m / 14,2142 m2 7 feet or 153 square feet


Effetto sterilizzante Sterilization effect



Tasso di eliminazione in aria e sulle superfici  Air and surface disinfection killing rate

Disinfezione con UV-C  Disinfection mode: ultraviolet C light


Surfacide eradica gli organismi multiresistenti tra cui C.Difficile, MRSA, VRE, CRE, Coronavirus e Acinetobacter con LOG 6 o 99,9999%   Surfacide has been proven to eradicate multidrug resistant organisms including C.Difficile, MRSA, VRE, CRE , Coronavirus and Acinetobacter. Surfacide has tested to demonstrate a LOG 6 kill or 99.9999


Lampada Lamp
Lunghezza d’onda picco in uscita Peak UV Output Wavelength
Vita media Rated Average Life

3 per emettitore 3 per emitter
UV 253,7 nm


16.000 ore 16 hours