Autoclave a vapore CL B DO 0.025

Pulse Vacuum Steam Sterilizer (Standard Type)

Bench top steam sterilizers can be applied to dental clinics, dental department of hospitals, ophthalmology department, operating rooms and so on. It can sterilize A, B class cavity instruments, dressing material, catheters and other dental instruments.


– Automatic wash & maintenance
– CE marked and abide by EN13060 directive
– Microcomputer control with dynamic LCD display for running status, temperature, pressure and time
– Multiple pulse vacuum and positive pressure exhausting combined for guarantied steam saturation level
– Imported vacuum pump can reach -0.85bar
– Motorola precision pressure sensor which can monitor 0.001 bar (1KPa)
– Sterilization programs for naked instruments, packed instruments, hemophilus and glassware
– PWM temperature control of chamber and jacket, saving power and water
– Self inspection function to monitor the whole sterilizing process and save relative record for validation analysis
– Smart pulse vacuum deep dry function, dressing material humidity less than 1%, naked instruments humidity less than 0.2%
– Two groups of independent temperature sensors for program control and system monitoring, eliminating sterilization failure due to
temperature sensor failure or incorrect monitoring temperature value
– Built-in micro printer together with USB port to export cycle data
– Built-in memory for 50 cycles data
– Built-in smart help system for sterilization guidance
– Visual and vocal alarm when cycle ends or error occurs
– 1 button water refill with quick coupler
– Automatic cycle shut off