Sterilizer mattresses

Sterilizer for hospital beds VitroSteril LK/CXD

Created to solve the problem of the risk of transmission of infection between patients in the hospital field and not. It is a powerful ozone generator which acts in closed circuit sterilizing one or two mattresses simultaneously. The sanitation process takes place in 1 hour while the Sterilization provides 2 hours of treatment.

Features building techniques

Size 400x430x380 mm Weight 17 kg. Voltage 220 V 50 Hz Production of Ozone 3000-6000 mg. / H Pressure in ambient maximum 0.2 mg. / M3

Specific tests validation

Tests were carried out bacteriological with particular reference to substances that may be more frequentmente due to risk of infection, microorganisms originated from excrement, human blood and on the most frequent bacteria of viral origin.