VitroSteril LK/CXD

LK/CXD Mobile Hospital Bed Sterilizer on wheels.


Clothes and bedding are essential for hospitals, and in hospitals there are infected patients with a lot of harmful microorganisms. This means that:

  • People in hospital are at higher risk of cross-infections.
  • It is very difficult to sterilize the material of beds and dressings.


VitroSteril LK/CXD hospital bed steriliser was created to solve the problem of the risk of transmission of infections among inpatients in hospital. The device can also be used to sterilize environments and other items, free-emitting, in the absence of people or animals, or using the appropriate watertight bags provided.

It is a powerful ozone generator that acts on CCTV by sterilizing one or two mattresses at the same time. The sanitization process takes place in 1 hour while sterilization involves 2 hours of treatment.



  • Sterilization with a high-concentration ozone generator.
  • It can sterilize 45 ~ 50 sheets at a time or a 100 m3 environment.
  • It effectively and quickly eliminates bacteria, viruses and spores to meet related standards.
  • It removes all kinds of smell (blood, human excrement, mold and waste).
  • Simple and linear design with fireproof covers.
  • Micro-computer program control.
  • Ozone residues are degraded and discharged outside through activated charcoal filters.

Campo di applicazione

  • Hospitals: beddings, clothes, pillows, mattresses, beds, trolleys, other items in operating room, etc.
  • Hotels: sheets, pillowcases, bath towels and towels, mattresses, crockery.
  • Home: clothes, bed sheets, bath towels and towels etc.

Technical Data


Modello Model



Installazione Installation



Capacità sterilizzazione  Sterilization capacity


VitroSteril LK/CXD Sterilizzatore per letti ospedalieri.  VitroSteril LK/CXD Hospital Bed Sterilizer.


Autonomo con ruote per spostarlo  Free standing with castors for moving around


45 ~ 50 lenzuola alla volta o un ambiente da 100 m3  45 ~ 50 sheets at a time or 100 m3 room


Concentrazione di ozono  Ozone concentration


Effetto disinfezione  Disinfection effect

300 mg/m3



Efficacia su Escherichia Coli > 3.0  Efficacy against Escherichia Coli > 3.0


Efficacia su Staphylococcus Aureus > 3.0  Efficacy against Staphylococcus Aureus > 3.0 


Dimensioni LxHxP  Dimensions LxHxW


Peso Weight


Tensione Tension


Potenza Power

400x980x430 mmm


31 kg


220 V 50 Hz


220 W