VitroSteril – Mobile Disinfector BEST-Y-B1

Mobile Disinfector of air and spaces with Gas Plasma, UV and Hydrogen Peroxide


BEST -Y -B1 is a mobile disinfector which, with the use of UV-C, Gas Plasma and Hydrogen Peroxide, rapidly eliminates germs and pathogens when and where it is necessary

Gas Plasma, Gaseous Hydrogen Peroxide, Ultraviolet Light can be used alone or in combination

It has a high penetration and eradication power, and does not corrode the surface of the objects

Quantum atomization technology has better space and surface disinfection effect; moreover, the three-dimensional multi-angle gas injection prevents the existence of dead angles

Effects of disinfection: Staphylococcus albicans ≥99.9%, H1N1 virus ≥99.9%, 300m3 natural bacteria ≥90%

Operating interface on 7-inch full touch LCD display, capable of displaying historical disinfection data and related technical parameters

One-start-button, the device works automatically in countdown mode

Optional wireless remote control

It can archive more than 10,000 data of work records and sterilization reports


  • Disinfection mode: Hydrogen Peroxide, Plasma, UV alone or in combination
  • The device precisely controls the dosage (6-35%) of H2O2
  • No on-site preparation is required as it can automatically calculate the disinfectant percentage
  • Elimination rate of pathogenic bacteria and viruses: H1N1 virus ≥99.9%, Staphylococcus albicans ≥99.9%, 300 m3 natural bacteria killing rate ≥90%
  • Disinfection data can be tracked and logged
  • Safe disinfection, performed by personnel away from the device
  • Disinfection occurs within 1 hour
  • No residue after surgery

Technical sheet


Modello Model



Tecnologia Technology



Installazione Installation





Dimensioni Stanza Room Size

Disinfettore Mobile Aria e Superfici BEST-Y-B1  Space and surface mobile disinfector BEST-Y-B1


Disinfettore mobile al Plasma, UV e H2O2  Plasma, UV, H2O2 Mobile Disinfector


Apparecchio mobile, facile da spostare, in materiale resistente alla corrosione e facile da pulire  Hand-push design, easy to transfer equipment, corrosion-resistant material for the shell, easy to clean and sterilize


≤ 300 m3


Effetto sterilizzante Sterilization effect





Tasso di eliminazione in aria e sulle superfici  Air and surface disinfection killing rate

Disinfezione con Perossido d’Idrogeno, Gas Plasma, UV da soli o in combinazione  Disinfection mode: hydrogen peroxide, plasma, ultraviolet light alone or in combination


Staphylococcus albicans ≥99.9%, H1N1 virus ≥99.9%, 300 m3 natural bacteria kill rate ≥90%   Staphylococcus albicans killing rate ≥99.9%, H1N1 virus killing rate ≥99.9%, 300 m3 natural bacteria kill rate ≥90%


Dimensioni Dimensions LxHxW
Peso Weight
Rumorosità Noise dB(A)

xx mmm