VitroSteril AS 200 – Photocatalytic Oxidation Technology Device

AS 200 desk device is a model suitable for apartments, offices, shops, to break down 24 hours a day bacteria, viruses, VOC, mold, smells, smoke, mites, etc.


It uses Photocatalytic Oxidation technology that consists of a special UV light that, by hitting a photocatalytic target, through an oxidation process, produces harmless but effective eco-friendly oxidants that guarantee the results of cleaning even after the evaporation of detergents and disinfectants.

This allows for continuous protection of environments even in human presence, reducing exposures between disinfections, as well as intervention costs. The technology also allows you to act on surfaces, occupant fabrics and furniture (curtains, chairs, sofas, …).

The Ozono sanitization (AWAY mode) can be activated according to your needs and in unoccupied environments, via the remote control that allows you to set its duration in 30/60/120 minutes; in this case, it is recommended to implement the necessary security procedures.

In addition, AS 200 is equipped with an effective HEPA filter and an integrated ventilation system.



  • 220 V powered table device
  • Photocatalytic Oxidation Technology
  • Built-in ventilation system
  • Coverage up to 100 m3
Photocatalytic Oxidation Air sterilizer AS200

Technical sheet


Modello Model


Installazione Installation
Copertura Coverage
Uso consigliato Raccomended use

Apparecchio a tecnologia a Ossidazione Fotocatalitica  Device with Photocatalytic Oxidation technology
Apparecchio da tavolo  Desk device
100 m3
Appartamenti, uffici, scuole, alberghi, spazi commerciali, auto, camper, taxi, autobus, treni, imbarcazioni, palestre ecc.       Apartments, offices, schools, hotels, commercial spaces, cars, motorhomes, taxis, buses, trains, boats, gyms etc


Dimensioni Dimensions LxHxW
Peso Weight

Manutenzione Maintenance
Consumo Consumption

23×30,5×30,5 cm

4,6 Kg

Minima, non è necessaria pulizia No cleaning required

70 W