VitroSteril – Disinfector Robot BEST-Y-C2

Disinfector Robot of air and spaces with Gas Plasma, UV and Hydrogen Peroxide


BEST-Y-C2 is a disinfection robot that uses unique room mapping technology to deliver a fast and effective germicidal dose of UV-C, Gas Plasma and Hydrogen Peroxide energy to eliminate germs and pathogens whenever and wherever it is necessary

Gas Plasma, Hydrogen Peroxide, Ultraviolet Light can be used alone or in combination

Thanks to the highly accurate navigation of the device, it is able to avoid obstacles

Just enter the spatial data, automatically calculate the working time and start the working schedule

It has a high penetration and eradication power, and does not corrode the surface of the objects

Quantum atomization technology has better space and surface disinfection effect; moreover, the three-dimensional multi-angle gas injection prevents the existence of dead angles

Effects of disinfection: Staphylococcus albicans ≥99.9%, H1N1 virus ≥99.9%, 500 m3 natural bacteria ≥90%

It is possible to interconnect several devices to the central unit and it is possible to trace the information regarding the sterilization process and the result of the disinfection from fixed stations, mobile phones, pad


  • Fully Automated: obstacle avoidance using triple position multi-sensor data fusion technology (lidar, microwave radar, depth camera)
  • The device precisely controls the dosage of H202
  • Elimination rate of pathogenic bacteria and viruses: H1N1 virus ≥99.9%, Staphylococcus albicans ≥99.9%, 500 m3 natural bacteria ≥90%
  • Cloud remote management
  • Disinfection data can be tracked and logged
  • Safe disinfection performed with personnel remote from the machine
  • No residue

Technical Sheet


Modello Model



Tecnologia Technology



Installazione Installation









Dimensioni Stanza Room Size


Controllo Control

Robot Disinfettore Aria e Superfici BEST-Y-C2  Space and surface robot disinfector BEST-Y-C2


Robot Disinfettore d’aria al Plasma, UV e H2O2  Plasma, UV, H2O2 Robot Air Disinfector


Evitamento intelligente e autonomo degli ostacoli attraverso la tecnologia di fusione del triplo multisensore di posizione (lidar, radar a microonde, telecamera di profondità)  Intelligent obstacle avoidance: it can realize autonomous obstacle avoidance through multi-sensor fusion positioning technology of no less than 3 kinds of sensors (lidar, microwave radar, depth camera)


≤ 500 m3


Remote, mobile APP, display


Effetto sterilizzante Sterilization effect





Tasso di eliminazione in aria e sulle superfici  Air and surface disinfection killing rate

Disinfezione con Perossido d’Idrogeno, Gas Plasma, UV da soli o in combinazione  Disinfection mode: hydrogen peroxide, plasma, ultraviolet light alone or in combination


Staphylococcus albicans ≥99.9%, H1N1 virus ≥99.9%, 500 m3 natural bacteria kill rate ≥90%   Staphylococcus albicans killing rate ≥99.9%, H1N1 virus killing rate ≥99.9%, 500 m3 natural bacteria kill rate ≥90%


Dimensioni Dimensions LxHxW
Peso Weight
Rumorosità Noise dB(A)

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