cod. 1002 – Indicators in rolls

Change color to indicate that sterilization has been successful. Indicators in rolls

cod. 1004 – Biological indicator

The optimum temperature for the growth of ATCC7953 (Geobacillus stearothermophilus) is about 50°C. The temperature is close to that of the work of sterilizers Plasma Hydrogen Peroxide at low temperature VitroSteril LK / MJG. Meanwhile, ATCC7953 offers more resistance to hydrogen peroxide. Therefore, adopting it as a biological indicator we can easily demonstrate the effect of the sterilization process.

cod. 1000/1/2/3 – Boxes of Hydrogen Peroxide

The accurate control of injection of hydrogen peroxide is necessary for the perfect plasma sterilization, an inadequate injection can not meet the requirements of sterilization, the overabundance leave residues. Therefore, the injection system is the key point. The whole series of sterilizers VitroSteril© LK/MJG adopts cassettes capsule 1.8 ml to 2.2 ml of hydrogen peroxide at 58% accurately dosed and sealed. A capsule for each injection of hydrogen peroxide, and then for each sterilization phase. In addition, the cassettes have the advantage of maintaining stable and be easily storable, have a simple operation because it easy to replace, and provide maximum safety of the operators.

Boxes of 12 charges in boxes 5 boxes – packaging by 5 boxes

cod. 1008 – 90 TNT

Sheets in different weights, sizes and colors

cod. 1001 – Sterilization indicators

Change color to indicate that sterilization has been successful.

cod. 1003 –
Rolls of paper tyvek
Paper for sterilization rolls with

1003-075 – 075mm×70m – pack of 5 rolls
1003-100 – 100mm×70m – pack of 5 rolls
1003-150 – 150mm×70m – pack of 5 rolls
1003-200 – 200mm×70m – pack of 5 rolls
1003-250 – 250mm×70m – pack of 5 rolls
1003-300 – 300mm×70m – pack of 5 rolls
1003-350 – 350mm×70m – pack of 5 rolls
1003-500 – 500mm×70m – pack of 5 rolls

cod. 1010 – Baskets for sterilization

Made of perforated aluminum, available in three different sizes for different sizes of sterilization chambers. Specify the model. 1Pcs Pack.