Specialists in sterilization and disinfection

Born as a division of RBChimica, a company founded in 1979,VitroSteril is focused in sterilization of surgical, medical and environmental instruments, mainly with hydrogen peroxide gas plasma technology.


Our mission is to enable healthcare professionals to achieve the best results in advanced sterilization procedures, thereby reducing the number of infections in hospital and operating room.

40 years of experience in the medical and laboratory sector have brought VitroSteril to offer the widest range of plasma gas sterilizers now on the market.

We also provide a wide range of products and services to allow air and water quality control, so as to make both hospital environment and small communities safe, from the current risks of bacterial contamination, such as legionella pneumophila, salmonella, coronavirus.


VitroSteril, as one of the distributors and retailers of the most reliable medical devices, Laoken products and other well-known international brands, it has always placed patient health and the well-being of the operators at the center: the introduction of innovative techniques and constant scientific support for a best use of quality devices, are the basis of our service.

Our history

RBChimica was founded in Genoa in 1979 to produce reagents for clinical chemistry, cytology and histology.


In 1981, laboratories and offices were moved to La Spezia, where the activity underwent a strong evolutionary push, driven by new diagnostic and analytical technologies, which were developing strongly in the medical-scientific sector.


The company specializes in the creation of scientific laboratories for various research and routine needs in clinical chemistry: hematology, serology, bacteriology, toxicology and pathological anatomy, therefore in chemical-physical applied to the food, explosives, paints, textile, environmental and industrial oil and process, finally in university and school laboratories in general.


At the same time, it develops activities in the field of medical and surgical disciplines, from basic disposable products to specialist ones, from diagnostic equipment to logistic support systems.