Robot disinfector Y-C2 presented at the Exposanità 2022 fair in Bologna

Robot disinfector Y-C2 presented at the Exposanità 2022 fair in Bologna

19:50 24 May in Events, News, Sterilization

At the 22nd edition of Exposanità, the international exhibition for health and assistance, in Bologna from 11 to 13 May 2022, in addition to the hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilizers, the last frontier of sterilization in the surgical field, and cold plasma and photocatalytic air treatment systems, Vitrosteril presents the latest generation Robot Y-C2 for environmental sterilization both in human presence and in absence, which provides for the autonomous mapping of the environment in which it is located and then proceeds disinfection using 3 different technologies according to the operator’s needs:

  • Cold Plasma
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • UV rays

The principle of operation

Robot Y-C2, configuring its work completely autonomously, simultaneously monitors the environment by detecting all types of obstacles, including those in motion; records the data of humidity, temperature, microparticles present in the environment and, finally, in addition to recording the detection and sterilization data at the customer’s server or a cloud, it stores and prints an end of service report with all the values ​​measured, the duration of the cycle, any anomalies found, and finally reports, in addition to the date and time, the name or code of the operator who activated it.

The interest also shown by operating room Operators for the possibility of use during the rest phases between one intervention and the next was very high.